Check out the amazing stories of where our food comes from.

Our Wagyu Beef

Snake River Farms American Kobe (Wagyu) beef is celebrated by chefs and beef connoisseurs throughout the world and featured in a number of Michelin starred restaurants. USDA Prime, the highest [...]

Humagalas Kettle Chips are Homemade in House

When you walk into our restaurant you may hear some loud crunching, don't worry, that's just our homemade kettle chips! Our standard side to of all of our mouth-watering burgers [...]

Coleman Natural

As you may know, here at Humagalas we are in the business of providing Real Food for Real Friends. When we learned about Coleman Natural and their mission to provide [...]

San Marzano Tomatoes

San Marzano tomatoes originate from the small town of San Marzano Sul Sarno, near Naples, Italy, and were first grown in volcanic soil in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. One [...]