Thank you everyone who has come in to try our September Burger of the Month Specials! Your gracious hearts have helped us raise funds for these two families. But we want to help them even more. So we are continuing to raise dollars to help these two local families through out October, but we are adding new delicious specials for all of our friends to try to try for a limited time.

For October only we bring you our Bratwurst Burger! In the spirit of Octoberfest we have created the Bratwurst Burger and topped it with Sauerkraut and Deli Mustard and served it all up on a soft Pretzel Roll!



Next we have the Buffalo Chicken Pizza! We start with our delicious crust cover it with Buffalo Sauce, Chicken, Blue Cheese, Mozzarella, and Celery!




Lastly because it is not October with out…. you guessed it… Pumpkin Spice! We have created the perfect fall indulgence, our Pumpkin Spice shake. We start with our signature homemade ice cream and some Pumpkin and Graham Cracker add the Whip topping and dust it with Pumpkin Spice and voila – Pumpkin perfection!



As you know 25% of all of the proceeds raised on our October Specials goes directly to these Jackson’s  and Josh’s families. Additional donations will also be accepted and 100% of those funds collected go directly to the families – just tell your servers you would like to donate a little more and they will help you.

Take a moment and read Jackson’s and Josh’s stories. We are certain they will touch your heart as they have touched ours.

Meet Jackson Garrish

On June 15, 2017 Jackson Garrish was born with a very rare condition called SCID (Severe Combined Immune Deficiency)—more commonly known as “the boy in the bubble disease.”  Thankfully, this was detected very early on by a routine newborn screening that was implemented in Maryland just last year.  With no immune system, Jackson is unable to fight off any germ that enters his body.

Sadly, this little baby will require chemotherapy to destroy the non-functioning B cells circulating in his body right now.  This will be followed by a bone marrow transplant.  Following this major surgery, Jackson will be in Johns Hopkins for at least one month and in the nearby Ronald McDonald house for several more.  The funds raised will help this local family with all the expenses they will incur.

Meet Josh Birch

This summer Josh Birch, 13, of Bel Air, was diagnosed with Stage III Diffuse Large B-cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.  At the same time, he had to undergo emergency surgery to repair a large bowel rupture.  Incredibly this is only part of his story.  As much as this little guy has been through, he remains positive:  “The dark ages have now ended. Let the renaissance begin.”

Josh lives just around the corner with his Mom, Sarah—a nurse at Upper Chesapeake, his dad, Greg—a teacher with Harford County Public School, his older sister, Alex, and younger brother, Andrew.  He is being treated at the University of Maryland Medical Center. The funds raised will help be used towards the expenses incurred for Josh’s care.

We stand behind this tough warrior in his battle against cancer.  We look forward to the day he returns to the field.

“Dang, if I played lacrosse goalie that well when I had cancer, I can’t imagine how good I’ll be when I’m feeling better!” – Josh Birch #goalieattackscancer

Remember 25% of the proceeds raised will go directly to these families, and if you had your heart set on one of our other signature burgers, or salads, you can still help out these families, just ask your server how you can donate.