Well friends let me tell you! You know our motto Real Food Real Friends, and yea you can say isn’t all food real food? Well if you have ever read the ingredients off of some of your favorite foods you may be surprised. FYI real food is generally fairly easy to both spell and pronounce. But Real Food is more than that. It starts with that saying you are what you eat, and that does not just go for you and what you eat, but it applies to whatever you are eating eats. And Friends you know we care about you, and we want everything we serve to reflect that fact – and be down right delicious of course!!!!

Let’s start with the BEEF.

We get our beef from Steve and Lori Cooper, 9th generation farmers who operate Flintville Farm. Interesting fact – the original property was given to their family as a land grant by Lord Baltimore in 1721.  Together they manage a herd of approximately 60 Angus cattle in Whiteford, MD.  All cattle at Flintville Farm graze on grass and pasture and are administered absolutely no antibiotics or hormones.  They are grass fed and finished on grain harvested at the farm. That is why our beef tastes so delicious.

Bowman’s Butcher Shop has been a staple in Harford County since 1942. They are a 4th generation owned and operated USDA inspected slaughterhouse and butcher shop that specializes in dry aged beef. Bowman’s owned the first refrigerated truck in the county and was used for local home deliveries.  All of their beef graded high choice-prime and is never administered any hormones or antibiotics. They place great emphasis on the humane handling of all animals and ensure each and every animal results in the finest product possible. Sourcing locally is the backbone of their business, and it is their goal through the process of whole animal butchery, that they are able to foster a sense of community. Bowman’s receives a whole animal and by the time they finish processing the animal nothing has gone to waste. Of course, we get all the best parts!

Our Bison (also known as American Buffalo) come from Cibola Farms. They raise their Bison using a holistic approach that focuses heavily on Humane, Ecological, Natural and Sustainable management practices.  Their herd of 350 bison grazes in the Piedmont region of Virginia halfway between Washington, DC and Charlottesville, VA in Culpeper County.

So there you have it – top quality animals raised locally by good people, that is what makes our meat “real good”.