When you walk into our restaurant you may hear some loud crunching, don’t worry, that’s just our homemade kettle chips! Our standard side to of all of our mouth-watering burgers is now made fresh in-house. We’ve heard the reviews, and totally get that you want something better than just the status quo – you want real food with a crunch!

The recipe is simple, but delicious, we start by slicing potatoes, then we fry our chips in a special peanut-oil that less people are allergic to, because we want everyone to enjoy! The chips are then topped off with a sprinkle of sea-salt.

We were also listening when you asked for food to be added to Social Hour and know that sometimes, you just want to chow down on a basket of chips and a beer. So now during Social Hour, which runs Monday-Friday from 3-6 p.m., you can order a basket of our kettle chips for just $4! This basket of goodness comes with a chipotle remoulade dipping sauce. You can also get this sauce for your chips with our burgers, just ask- we like to spread the yumminess!