We were so happy to have hosted our celebratory ribbon cutting on June 15th surrounded by family, friends and county representatives- all of the great people who helped make this dream a reality. Our restaurant brings an exciting new dining concept to Bel Air in place of DuClaw. As you may know by now, Humagalas (Hoo-muh-gah-luhs) takes food seriously, is light on etiquette and heavy on delicious!

Our founding brothers, twins Bob and Bill Frankis, being of Greek heritage, were lovingly called by their father “his little Humagalas.” This meant one of two things: either good and well-behaved or, sometimes a mischievous, occasionally feisty son that their Mom and Dad loved.

When the Frankis’ decided to create a new Bel Air restaurant, they wanted to open one that their family would be proud of, that reflected their personalities and family values. When they chose Humagalas as the name, the fun, friendly and sometimes feisty atmosphere and team culture made perfect sense with their “Real Food – Real Friends” vision.

To the Humagalas team, “seed-to-plate” means only using fresh, healthy, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible in a way that fundamentally respects human dignity and health, animal welfare, social justice and environmental sustainability. Additionally, the servers bring the food to the table as it is ready, not all at once, so that each person’s food is consumed at the optimal moment, and not sitting under warmers.

Lydia Brennan, Legislative Aide to Council Member Curtin Beulah, tried some of our pizza for the first time after the ceremony was complete. “It is so hard to find good pizza with thin crust and great ingredients in this area” Brennan exclaimed! We were beaming, after all, gather with friends to celebrate life around real food is what we are about! “I will be coming back with my family” Brennan also added, much to our delight.

Now that our ribbon cutting is complete, we are rolling out events, specials, meet-ups, and showing our support to this wonderful community in the best way we know how- with Real Food and Real Friends! We look forward to seeing you soon!