Why Humagalas

Our corporate purpose is to create a culture that positively impacts young people and communities through sharing our passion for great hospitality.

We want to connect with the local community and invite and attract lots of “Humagala’s” to become part of our restaurant family – both employees and guests – like-minded people who share our love for really good food, great friends and supporting and giving back to the communities where we live, work and play.

The story behind the name

When twin brothers Bob and Bill Frankis, owners and creators of Humagalas, were kids growing up in Baltimore City, they were like any other red-blooded, fun-loving, adventurous and occasionally mischievous boys. They played hard and got themselves into a little hot water now and then. Well, being of Greek heritage, their dad had a family pet name, a term of endearment, for his two young boys. He called Bill and Bob “his little Humagalas.” Apparently it means different things depending on the situation.

Looking back, for Bill and Bob, being a Humagala meant one of two things: either a good and well-behaved or sometimes a mischievous, occasionally feisty son that their Mom and Dad loved.

So, when they decided to create a new Bel Air MD restaurant, they wanted to open one that Mom and Dad would be proud of, and that really reflected their personalities and family values. When they chose Humagalas as the name, the fun, friendly and sometimes feisty atmosphere and team culture made perfect sense with their “Real Food – Real Friends” vision.