As you may know, here at Humagalas we are in the business of providing Real Food for Real Friends. When we learned about Coleman Natural and their mission to provide “Real Farmers, Real Ingredients, and Real Good,” we were eager to serve you, our friends, their chicken.

Coleman Natural works with family farmers who share in their belief in providing products that are healthy, pure and wholesome. Coleman Natural believes that saying “NO” is sometimes a good thing. When caring for their chickens, they are committed to saying “NO” to feeding them animal by-products, raising them in conditions that require antibiotics to keep them healthy or administering drugs that make them grow faster. They say “YES” to all vegetarian feed, all natural ingredients, and free range.

Coleman Natural works closely with their family farmers to ensure the highest standards for animal welfare. This perfectly aligns with our “Seed to Plate” motto that focuses on fresh, healthy and locally sourced ingredients in a way that respects animal welfare. That is why our chicken is Coleman Natural Organic chicken.

Enjoy the real taste!

Coleman FAQ

Free-range chickens foraging together in meadow grass during summer